About JAC.KL

We’re an agency who provides financial advisory and solutions in terms of education, medical, income replacement, legacy and retirement to our precious Clients based on their needs.

JAC.KL also offers business partnership opportunities for ambitious and hardworking millennials. We offer guidance based on experience and shared visions while helping you to achieve your goals!


Employee Benefits Scheme 👩🏻💼

To take care of employee's well-being by providing insurance solutions including Life Benefit, Critical Illness Compensation, Group Hospitalization Service and Personal Accident.

Business Insurance 🏢

To protect your business against financial loss i.e. Keyman Insurance, Contractor All Risk, Comprehensive General Liability, Workmen Compensation, Erection All Risk, Trade Credit, Professional Indemnity, Fire & Burglary.

Tax Conversion & Zakat Planning 💲

To provide a wealth purification platform through zakat contributions. (For Muslims only)

Family Takaful & Insurance 👨👩👧👦

To expand the awareness of family takaful & insurance in the context of wealth accumulation, protection, preservation and distribution i.e Golden Years Saving, Children's Saving, Unlimited Medical Fund, Instant Cash Protection, Infaq and Million Dollar Legacy.

General Takaful & Insurance 🏠✈️🚗

To provide personal safety protection i.e Fire, Home Content, Travel Protection, Motor Protection, Personal Accident and many more.

Islamic Estate Planning 🕌

To advise and plan for wealth administration and transfer according to Syariah Law.

JAC.KL offers business partnership opportunities for ambitious and hardworking millennials. ⭐

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🖋️ *JAC.KL is an Authorized Agent.