Admission Process Using Medical Card

  1. Register yourself at Emergency Department or book an appointment at Specialist Clinic.
  1. Get the consultation and prescription from the doctor which may include blood test, urine test etc. You may need to pay yourself for the outpatient visit. 
  1. Once it is CONFIRMED that you need to be admitted, then only you bring the Medical Card to admission counter. In that case, your outpatient visit earlier, is claimable under “pre admission” claim.
  1. Hospital Admission staff will assist to register and request the GL via email/fax to Prudential or Prubsn Takaful.
  1. Upon receiving the complete forms and requirement ( i.e blood test result/medical questionnaires - if any), GL should be ready in 1 hour.
  1. You may need to wait for your room/ward to be ready/available, then only you can be lying on the bed comfortably.
  1. Get your treatment and speedy recovery. ;-)
  1. Upon discharge, you may need to wait longer, normally after 3pm, while waiting for the hospital to collate all bills from respective departments and upload it to the system for insurance company to finalize the bill payment.
  1. Prepare some cash or your credit card to pay for the non coverable items i.e  (if any).
  1. After payment is settled, you may go home and rest.
  1. As for the follow up, you have 90 days, “post admission claim” for reimbursement. Please keep your original itemized bill and payment receipt, and pass it to your agent for claims.