Mak saya dah uruskan segalanya…

We have known each other in 2012. While I was still working in the bank, and she was one of my trainees. End of 2012, after I joined Prudential I shared a proposal for
her life insurance and medical coverage, since she did not have any. By that time, she was no longer working in the bank that we used to work together.

She moved around, hopping from one company to another, until she got a stable and comfortable employment that made her to reside in Alor Star. In 2016, she wanted to terminate her policy since the company was giving a good coverage, and she never used her current medical plan that she bought from me. Being a consultant, I resold the importance of her having her own personal insurance.

But, unexpected things happened. She was diagnosed with recurring bronchitis that led her to have critical asthma condition few months after intention for termination.

At one critical moment, in May 2018, during Ramadhan, she had a sudden asthma attack that made her to turn blue, and caused brain damaged. She left all of us 1
day after, at Hospital Besar Alor Setar. I went to her funeral in Alor Pongsu, visiting her family, her parents particularly that I never met before. And introduced myself as her friend, and also the person in charge of her life insurance policy. I told them respectfully,  that I will come back to process her death claim.

On the 4th day of Syawal, I visited the family again. It was on Tuesday that we brought her parents to Bank Simpanan Nasional in Taiping, to get bank account
details, as her mother do not have any online banking. As soon as getting it, we submit her death claim next door, to Prudential Customer Service.

Just within 4 days, the death claim was approved and the sum assured value, compassionate benefit and some cash value was credited to her mum’s account.
Let's watch this video, and see how does the insurance protection has helped the family...